Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Riley Keough, Robert Pattinson's new girlfriend?

After breaking up with long time girlfriend 'twilight star' Kirsten Stewart, various girls are speculated to be dating Robert. But finally it seems like we know who that lucky girl is.

Robert Pattinson was spotted driving back to his home in los angeles over the weekend with red head Riley Keough. The two were seen in Robert's red pickup truck.
For your information Riley Keough is a model and actress. She is the grand daughter of legendary musician Elvis Presley. Interestingly Riley Keough and Kirsten Stewart look a lot alike and they together acted in 'The Runways'. They were thought to be friend as Riley Keough was invited in Stewart's birthday bash

Kirsten Stewart is now in Paris for fashion week.  The reason behind Robert and Kirsten's breaking up was rumoured to be Kirsten's intimacy with Rupert Sanders. But lately she seemed to be in the mood of reviving his relationship  with Robert. Now it will be interesting to see how she will react if Robert Pattinson is really dating Riley Keough.

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